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Traditional Tattoos



   Made popular by sailors in the 20’s and 30’s, American traditional tattooing started around the turn of the 20th century. It consists of strong designs, bold lines, and a solid, simple color palette. some of the most famous american traditional artists include the likes of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins and Don “Ed” Hardy.


Japanese Tattoos



    Tattooing in Japan dates as far back as 10,00 bc. However the modern Japanese tattooing we know of  today didn’t arise 'til the development of wood block carving (MID 1800’s). Of which many of the wood block artits became tattoo artists. At the beginning of the Meiji period the Japanese government, illigalized tattooing. It wasn't until 1945 when it was legalized by occupational forces.

    For many years, traditional Japanese tattoos were associated with the Yakuza, Japan's notorious mafia, and many businesses in Japan (such as public baths, fitness centers and hot springs) still ban customers with tattoos



Realistic Tattoos



    Realistic tattoos use fine lines or sometimes no lines at all, along with careful shading and coloring to acheive a realistic recreation of any image. These are usually duplicated from a reference source, usually a photo. 

Miscellaneous Tattoos



    This section holds  everything else. From new skool to religious, from black and gray to cover-ups. If you didn't see it in the first 3 albums, it's probably in here! Take a look and see.

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